"I’m so glad you see me as the constant in your life, because you are the constant in mine." //

TAYLOR SWIFT // @taylorswift13

Taylor talks fall style with Keds


*leaked a picture of Taylor from an unknown photoshoot*

alexander goldshmidt: no one is ready for this new era. a storm is coming.

kristin kruz: taylor swift will debut new music just for us at the iheartradio music festival.

taylor nation: *dms random fans for something unknown*

e! news: swift is planning an “explosive” performance for the VMAs […] it’s not a collaboration with another singer.






Taylor’s dancer calling Perez Hilton out.

Made In The USA (Acoustic) - Demi Lovato 

All Too Well (Piano) - Taylor Swift

She Looks So Perfect (Piano) - 5 Seconds of Summer

@cyinger4jw - 16 yr old Taylor Swift when she was still unknown,1st concert, Lancaster PA.  Sweetest person in the world! Love her 

Taylor dancing onstage at the Ingrid Michaelson concert (with Karlie Kloss)

Taylor responded to a fan’s DM (July 30, 2014).

@davispetrash: Not only is she an amazing artist but tonight she was an even better chef! Thanks for the wonderful dinner tonight @taylorswift 🍴

Taylor dancing onstage at the Ingrid Michaelson concert (x

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