"I’m so glad you see me as the constant in your life, because you are the constant in mine." //

literally me to half the t swift fandom


Who the hell does ialmostdo think he is you weren't even being rude you literally put tagged/me in the post????? unless you were being rude to yourself then I don't even see the problem the instagram comment from the guy made you laugh because it reminded you of something you would say???? Sooo rude.


I KNOW!!!! i DID put tagged/same tagged/me ???????????????? what is so bad about it i agree!! 

I added someone else’s tags to the picture and said I agreed. Stay pressed, girl.




couldn’t agree more

Neon Lights (Piano) - Demi Lovato
From a new album I’m working on, Demi Lovato (Acoustic Sessions). More to be posted soon.

Be brave.


That's fucking not from album 5 you dumb ass

Its not?? I totally thought Our Song and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together were!! Thanks for letting me know!!!

"I’ve heard from everyone in the industry how cool she is; she’s got a very good reputation, but you never really realize what kind of person she is until you sit down and chat with her. She’s just a very warm soul."          Ed on Taylor.

forgot if i was watching our’s or hilary duff’s new single

I Knew You Were Trouble (Acoustic) - Taylor Swift



wow you think youre really funny dont you

as do the 300+ people that put notes on the post :)

The Lead Single from Album 5

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